Starting the spring 2021 semester with a warm and cheerful welcome by Lara Decastecker ’23.

​​All smiles, first-year student Lara Decastecker ’23 is making herself at home again on campus after the winter break and is excited to be the new voice of the student-led blog, Adventures at Franklin. Both American and Hispanic, Lara is aspiring to double major in International Relations and Social Justice and Sustainability here at Franklin. Moreover, she is passionate about travel, drawing, and, of course, writing. In choosing her university studies, Lara was struck by the desire to explore Europe, to experience personal development, take in a new culture, find new interests, friends and hone new language skills. The blog Adventures at Franklin is what drew Lara towards Franklin University Switzerland in her scouting for an international experience in a liberal arts university in Europe. As she states “For a good year I saw this blog as an extremely helpful resource which gave me the impression of my dream university by current students. I treasured it greatly. And with my love for writing, I wanted to continue both the legacy of past writers and add to a platform I’m grateful for.”

We are delighted to have Lara as a fresh and dynamic Franklin ambassador and are sure that you too will grow fond of her. She will be contributing to the blog once a week with catchy and uplifting topics, so be sure to stay tuned.

Follow Lara and read her first blog entry on Adventures at Franklin.