How Franklin became the first building block to Marina’s inspiring career.

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Marina Lorenzini ’16 is certainly an admirable example of sheer determination and dedication, with an impressive list of international accomplishments, certificates, and language proficiencies in and out of Franklin University Switzerland.

During her years at Franklin, she did not take the opportunities that came her way for granted, instead, she was always on point and very much involved both on campus and in the local Lugano community with diverse experiences ad extracurricular activities. Exposing herself to best practices and liaising with professionals across various sectors in Switzerland enabled her to build strong connections in the professional environment and develop foundational skills and business knowledge. Exactly how Marina has gone about every favorable circumstance since graduating.

When asked what advice she would give to incoming Frankliners, Marina suggests “students should be proactive in finding summer internships and working with professors or the administration during the school year. This will build up your resume with concrete skills and demonstrate competency in certain academic interests, all of which is vital when it’s time to look for jobs after graduation.”

With a notable passion for cultures and languages, Marina later moved to Amman, Jordan to continue studying Arabic, but did not stop there. Under the advice of Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, Sara Steinert Borella, she next moved to Ifrane, Morocco, to work as part of AUI’s inaugural Presidential Internship Program cohort. Furthermore, her international and travel experience was also put to good use at the American Middle East Institute with her role as Communications and Development Manager. Today, Marina lives in Boston, Massachusetts, studying for a Master of Arts degree in Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University’s Fletcher School.

No doubt a globetrotter, Marina has come very far from her first days and adventures here at Franklin, but her heart still lies very close. She is part of the Franklin's Alumni Council, chairing the Career Services Committee which among other things mentors students searching for entry-level job opportunities, scholarships, and internships.

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