Join a double Franklin alumni guest talk appointment with the Office of Career Strategy

On the afternoon of Thursday February 18, don’t miss out on two great discussions with four Franklin alumni to explore what are some possible next steps towards navigating your future. Offered by the Office of Career Strategy, immerse yourself in our alumni stories, as they share the choices and paths which led to leap into new post-Franklin adventures. Get inspired and ask for professional advice on how to start a future career.

First off at 6:30 p.m., if you are especially interested in a profession in international or government affairs, follow the “What next? Careers in International Affairs” dialogue with alumni Robb Hawkins ’01 and Alyssa Wilson ‘17.

Robb started in Franklin with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. Subsequently, he earned a Masters of Arts in International Policy Studies and an MBA in International Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, in Montgomery, California. Today Robb is a career diplomat with the U. S. Foreign Service and has served in diplomatic missions around the world, for instance, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, and China. His assignments have included assisting American citizens affected by terrorist attacks in Jakarta, advocating for U.S. businesses overseas, and reporting on political and economic events for the U.S. policymakers throughout Asia. Currently, he is serving in Washington D.C. as a Staff Assistant in the Economic and Business Affairs Bureau with the Department of State.

Alyssa graduated from Franklin with an International Relations degree and minors in History, French and Italian languages. She was furthermore awarded as International Relations Outstanding Student for her year. After Franklin, she graduated with distinctions in her Masters of Arts in International Security Studies from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Currently, Alyssa is the Public Affairs and Strategic Communications intern in the International Military Staff at NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium, while she previously interned for the OSCE and did contracting work with the U.S. State Department at their U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Next, be sure to additionally tune in to “Life After Franklin: The Opportunities are Endless” at 8:00 p.m. with alumni Majda Dakkak ’15 and Ashley Kochans ’15.

Majda graduated from Franklin with a double major in Communications, Media Studies, Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies, and a minor in Management. Presently, she is Director of Business Development and Communications at Dakkak Tours International. As a strong believer in the importance of education, because it entitles the entire community, Majda participated in various leadership, social justice and change, mentoring and empowerment programs during her years at Franklin. Today, she continues to share advice for new, current and recently graduated students, believing that the pursuit of big goals is a mixture of keeping an open mind, exploring new places, learning more about yourself and your passions.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Franklin and is today the founder of Kochans Consulting, offering digital marketing solutions to enterprises. As an expert in Digital Marketing, Ashley specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Language Skills, Data Analytics and Content Strategy. After working as a Project Manager, with demonstrated abilities in intercultural communication, critical thinking and leadership, she founded her own company in 2020 offering her services to clients in the nonprofit and education sectors.

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