Resourcefulness and perseverance towards entrepreneurship.

Sana Tajangi is a first-year student from Tehran, Iran. At Franklin, she studies International Management with an Emphasis in Marketing. Today, Sana is also working on developing her own business of Persian food products.  

When asked why she decided on Franklin, Sana stated that she receives this question often and always replies with the same answer: “The thing that caught my attention most was how caring the Franklin staff was during the application process. It made me feel unique and special. I believe that universities and institutions are businesses. The services that they provide are very important. That’s their value. I believe that making you feel special is the best value a university can create.”  

From a young age, Sana knew she wanted to pursue business. She drew inspiration from her father, who is a shareholder in a company that sells Persian goods. As of today, Sana is undergoing the process of registering her own business and building a website. She currently sells to friends and family but plans to expand into the Swiss and German markets next year. Her product line counts nearly 50 items, including herbal infusions, honey, dried fruits, nuts, spices, and saffron.  

“My family always believes that I will do something great when I grow up. They give me the drive to continue.” Like any entrepreneur, Sana shared that she has experienced feelings of doubt about her ambitions. Despite this concern, she said that her parents and sister provide her with never-ending support. Sana also remarked that she has received a lot of support from Franklin students and staff who have demonstrated interest in her products.  

Sana spoke highly of her experience at Franklin, stating that she benefits immensely from the small classes: “The classes are really small in size, so it’s like a small community on its own. You feel very close to other students, and it feels as if the professors are speaking to you individually. They love what they do and I like it when people love what they do.” According to Sana, the ability to speak one-on-one with professors, have a close relationship with them, and learn about their interests has allowed her to learn “a thing or two outside of the book.”  

In her free time, Sana enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies. As a child, Sana used to fill notebooks with handwritten stories. Today, she is trying to publish a novel online. She started writing her novel during high school and self-publishes on Wattpad.  

While Sana spends a lot of time writing and working towards her degree, she is dedicated and focused on her business. In the future, Sana plans to proudly expand her company: “I don’t feel like I’m 19 years old. I feel like I am doing something that defines me and will make me proud when I am older. I think that’s one of the most important things - be proud of your accomplishments.” 

To get in contact with Sana and learn more about her products, email her at