Franklin University Switzerland's students experience the world of entrepreneurship through a project in collaboration with the city of Lugano.

Have you ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur? Do you want to learn more about creating your own start-up?

Nowadays many young adults have the desire to start their own business. After all, what could be better than being your own boss, building your own team and working on a project that is the result of your passions? However, choosing to invest money into creating a company from scratch, while still trying to pursue a bachelor’s degree, is no easy task, and frankly scary. The fear of failure prevents many people from trying to pursue their big ideas and dreams. Students should be able to explore the world of entrepreneurship with the support of those who have gone down this road before. This is the reason why incubator programs for start-ups are becoming the latest trend in many universities, providing space for experiential learning, innovation, and risk-taking, lessening the fear of failure. These students are given support and guidance to start establishing a business while still thriving academically. Even when in doubt to take this important step, the university is the perfect place to develop management abilities, learn the basics, key factors and strategies to increase your chances of success in creating a start-up. Teamwork, networking, problem-solving, self-discipline, basics of finance and critical thinking are only a few of the imperative skills needed to prepare for entry into the market and build up confidence. Entrepreneurial skills are enduring and fundamental, required in every work field.

On this path, Franklin provides hands-on learning experiences and is ready to announce a collaboration with the city of Lugano, giving Franklin's business capstone students the opportunity to experience the world of entrepreneurship and learn the essential steps to launch a start-up. The partnership between Franklin and the city of Lugano is based on the creation of a cultural project from the hands of Franklin students, providing both locals and foreigners with an interest in Lugano’s historical and cultural heritage. As a matter of fact, the Lugano area has been the birthplace of many great artists and still is today the ideal setting for influential Swiss cultural heritage.

Stay tuned in the next weeks to learn more about the exciting collaboration and outcomes of the project.