One day, one purpose, Thursday, March 25.


University day is all about honoring the innovative spirit of our founders who believed in the importance of international education while sustaining the future of an institution that became a university in 2014.

This year we will celebrate University Day and our Day of Giving on March 25th.  This 100% virtual event will not be like any other. Our senior class is working with the Office of Advancement to raise the necessary funds to leave an important legacy. The university needs an Organic Chemistry Lab and the class of 2021 immediately responded with how can we help? They have set a goal of 30,000 CHF to fund this lab. According to President Greg Warden “It is a very ambitious goal, but it’s a great cause, and this senior class is like no other. Our seniors have been forged by the enormous challenges of the pandemic, and they have responded with courage and conviction. They have flourished. I am immensely proud of them.”

In 2018 Franklin celebrated University day with activities on campus and introduced the first 24 Hour Day of Giving. This type of event, commonplace in the US, was innovative in a European university context. This didn’t stop our supportive community, and we were able to raise much needed funding to advance Franklin. “For us, this day of giving is all about participation,” said Anne Marie Judge, Vice President of Advancement & Special Advisor to the President. “Oftentimes, people think that their gift doesn’t make a difference, but nothing could be further from the truth. At Franklin, every gift makes a difference and participation matters. It sends a message to our external community. It influences reputation. It also indicates alumni satisfaction. Participation rates are a point of pride among our peers. Did you know we have 100% Board of Trustees participation each year?”

How can you help?

  • Mark your calendar for March 25th;
  • Change your social media frame;
  • Encourage participation;
  • Share your reason for giving back using the hashtag (Social Media) #Onedayonepurpose and #WeAreFUS;
  • On March 25, make your gift by visiting our One Day One Purpose webpage. 

As pointed out by Anne Marie Judge, “We all have faced unimaginable challenges as we dealt with lockdowns, quarantines, sickness, loss. But the one thing that has remained constant is the resilient Franklin spirit. Our intimate community, tucked in the most beautiful region in the world, has persevered in the eye of adversity. Our students created new ways to engage with each other, our faculty has tirelessly created opportunities for our students to not miss a beat. We all rolled up our sleeves and navigated unchartered territory… TOGETHER.”

Let’s come together once more, participate on March 25th and show that #WEAREFUS.