Franklin University Switzerland at the Open Geneva.

Franklin’s Master of Science in International Management students Ugo Bernasconi, Cristina Elvira Perez, and Jacqueline Lemon present a three-day hackathon, from March 24 to 26, as part of Open Geneva’s Innovation Festival. The non-profit organization brings together international innovators and their projects in the support and development of the fields of art, science, technology, and society.

In collaboration with UNITAR, the “Food as a Nexus for Synchronic Urban and Rural Development” hackathon concentrates on bringing awareness and providing solutions to addressing the nexus between urban and rural development, with a key focus on food as a linkage in developing countries. How can we design, create and implement systems that are inclusive, integrative and sustainable? Cities, the most densely populated areas on the planet, are directly tied to rural areas, yet not all systems and policies treat them as such. While the former consumes and expands at a rapid pace, the latter, in many cases, is left out and depleted of resources. The challenge is to foster interdisciplinary solutions and policies to strengthen urban and rural relationships, while still achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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