Meet the team and become part of a global community of empowered students.

Oikos International is a student-led international non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability in economics and management education. Founded more than 30 years ago in Switzerland, with more than 49 chapters scattered in 23 countries, its mission is to empower students, through activities and projects with institutional support, and forge active and responsible changemakers and leaders. The institution collaborates with a wide network of alumni, advisors, faculties, and partners, Franklin University Switzerland included, which is proud to house the Lugano chapter, founded in March 2021, and count its professors in the list of oikos Lugano Advisors.

The official Lugano student club will be located at Franklin and is made up by five young, dynamic and enterprising individuals, Rahel Greter, Helena Sarcone, Henri Souville, Michael Garlid and Manouchka Paulemont, who are working to raise awareness of sustainable practices in the Ticino area. Together they are in the process of organizing educational and engaging events in Lugano addressing global challenges, building and supporting a community of student activists, planning and developing a densely connected network with other institutions and associations.

Next on their list of activities is a one and a half-hour workshop and panel discussion on circular economy and responsible leadership, “Doughnut Economics & Rethinking Economy”, and a “Rethinking Economics” presentation focusing on digital and sustainable solutions to be addressed to Franklin’s MSIM graduate students later in April 2021. Out of the classroom, the ambitious Lugano team is also scheduling hikes and excursions around the Ceresio lake to discover and study the bioscience and climate impact on the environment.

Specifically, the “Doughnut Economics & Rethinking Economy”, hosted by Sustainability Week Lugano, on April 15 at 5.30 p.m., focuses on measuring the success of modern economies, thus the doughnut model of economics, which seeks to incorporate planetary boundaries with societal necessities. Topics of interest will especially be the exploration of the value of economic theory for practitioners and what rethinking the economy means for humanity. Guest speakers of the panel are Franklin Professor Leonardo Conte, co-founder of Rethinking Economics Switzerland, and author, speaker and leadership coach Fabian Schmid. Register and learn more on the event here.

Last but not least, the Lugano oikos Chapter is eager to grow the team and welcome new members to take part in the inspiring and engaging projects. Are you ready to join an international student network and become a change agent? Become a member of oikos Lugano here.

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