Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 30th, and take part in the sixth annual Cybersecurity Symposium hosted on the Franklin campus: the 2022 Cybersecurity Management Challenges Symposium (CMC).

This year’s symposium will focus on Operational Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and the Challenges of Systemic Adaptation. It will be built on the five previous ground-breaking editions – read more here – which drew international participants from various sectors. It will thus gather policymakers, business executives, and security specialists from government and academic institutions to discuss and formulate responses to the future evolution and threats of cybersecurity, which expands in a globalized international socio-political system.

The main topics of discussion will include blockchain, crypto finance and strategies to boost cyber resilience in the financial sector. Moreover, matters of sustainability, cyber and security technologies, civil and human rights, privacy, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The mission of the symposium is to introduce its participants to the most pressing challenges of cybersecurity in the world of business and economic activities, and the interactive development of technology, business, and finance. Among its sponsors & partners are the City of Lugano, Tether, Energy Vault, Fortinet, and counting. Among its speakers and panelists are politicians, experts, and top managers in the fields of digital affairs, technology, strategy and development, cyber law, and more.

Learn more about the 2022 Cybersecurity Management Challenges Symposium on this page, including the program and notable speakers, and be sure to register at this link.