Pilar Recto '18, Communications and Media Studies Major with a minor in Marketing, traveled to Myanmar for a six weeks’ volunteer project that was geared toward empowering youth. As she noted “I was amazed as to how Myanmar is able to preserve their culture in ways that their traditional practices are integrated into their everyday lives. From the clothes they wear, to their mannerisms, and even down to their core ideals about life all seem very deep-rooted to their traditions." Pilar was especially astounded with the insights, ideas, and perspectives of the youth.

By having to work with mostly university students in teaching them useful critical, analytical and planning skills, she quickly learned that they know how to dream big and that “they really want to make a difference in their society.” As she remarked, this summer was definitely "an experience of a lifetime, and I am so glad I was able to go through it. Myanmar will forever have a place in my heart, and I won’t ever forget the friendships, memories, and experiences I’ve made there.” For more information about cultural exchange opportunities with AIESEC, see their website.