This summer, Jordan Ricker '16 went back to Senegal, West Africa, for two weeks. He took a gap year in Senegal three years ago when he finished high school, but this was the first time he had been back. This time, he took his girlfriend Katie along. They spent a week in the capital city, Dakar and a week in Mboro where Jordan had had his homestay. Mboro is a smallish town of around 15,000 people located about two hours north of the capital and it was his home for the seven months that he lived there.

Jordan with one of his best friends, Babacar Siby.

Jordan said about his trip, "I had the chance to reconnect with my host family, see friends that I hadn't seen for three years, and get reacquainted with life in Senegal. It was strange to be back, but I found that I fell into the rhythm of life very quickly once I was there again. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go back and see my host family after three years and I hope to continue going back in the future."

Jordan, from Arlington, Virginia, USA, graduated from Franklin in 2016 on the 3+1 program with a major in History, Communication and Media Studies. He will complete his fourth year at Franklin obtaining a Masters of Science in International Management.

For more about Jordan's return to Senegal, please visit the following link to read his detailed post for Global Citizen Year