Franklin University Switzerland faculty have formed a Research Forum to provide Franklin faculty members and scholars from other universities with a platform to discuss their research and to enter into ongoing cross-disciplinary intellectual exchange.  The Forum members plan to have at least two events per semester that are aimed at the faculty as a whole, with the option of also meeting in more specialized groups. The members also plan to open the Forum to students in appropriate cases.

The Research Forum also aims to make research agendas more visible to the campus and to the public.  Other objectives include facilitating cooperation among faculty members and reaching out to other scholars, especially in Switzerland.

The first forum meeting took place on November 16 and featured two contributors, Laura Orsi and Enrico Vergani.  Laura Orsi presented her current project in which she conducts a comparative lexical-stylistic analysis of William Shakespeare and John Florio.  Enrico Vergani presented his study that focuses on empirical measurement of how European Banks work in practice.