On March 1, 2017 Dr. Bernhard Fuhrer, the Executive Director of the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) visited Franklin to present “Dodhar—The Dilemma" a documentary on the social, economic and environmental consequences of outmigration in Nepal, produced by the SNIS. The screening was followed by a lively panel discussion featuring Dr. Fuhrer, as well as Olivia Hayes ‘17 and Trevor Herden ’17 who both majored in International Relations; Genevieve Totten ’18 majoring in Environmental Studies; and Jordan Ricker G’17 who completed a Master of Science in International Management.

As part of the event, faculty and students discussed the opportunities and limits offered by documentaries in academic teaching and learning.

The event was hosted jointly by Franklin’s Department of International Relations and Political Science, the Political Discourse Society, the Honors Society and Net Impact.

SNIS, based in Geneva, is an important Swiss institution in the field of international studies. The institution provides grants for research projects and conferences, as well as awards for academic writing to accredited universities in Switzerland. Topics range from decision-making in international organizations, international and civil wars, sustainable development, public health, migration and refugees, gender issues, globalization, trade and financial markets, human rights, and European integration, among others.