Recent Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) student, Alli Zeper ’18, has received a job at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in St. Petersburg, Florida, as a Recruiting Administrator.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she spent most of her life in Celebration, Florida, completing her B.S. in Psychology and Sociology at Florida State University in 2017. After graduation, she immediately started the MSIM program at Franklin in order to blend her psychological and sociological background with the international business skills gained in this program. “From the beginning, I knew my target industry and I felt the combination of Franklin’s MSIM program with my undergraduate degree would be best if completed back-to-back.”

Starting the MSIM program, Alli was mainly focused on gaining the relevant management skills necessary to excel in her career but, as time passed, she started noticing “the cohort experience was just as big of a learning experience and growth opportunity as the courses,” and that she was constantly immersed in unique opportunities to learn from both her fellow peers and her faculty. She still remembers with enthusiasm how in her class “we had fashion experts, a block chain expert, and an animation expert in one classroom. Never did I think I would get to learn about all of those fields so deeply by entering into a management program.”

The program not only enabled Alli to build connections and provided her with the necessary ‘soft skills’ to be able to work better with people, it also helped her getting outside of her comfort zone when searching for jobs. “McKinsey has always been a dream company for me to work for and my MSIM professors really encouraged me to go for it.”

At McKinsey & Company, she will be supporting the senior recruiting team with an array of tasks such as managing the candidate tracking system, running reports and assisting the analytics team, providing interview preparation, and performing resume screenings.

Congratulations Alli!