Franklin University Switzerland is proud to launch the Sustainable Cities Program in Zurich starting in January '22. This semester-long program represents a new interdisciplinary learning opportunity in one of the most important topics currently faced worldwide, and also expands Franklin's reach in Switzerland, providing a new site for study and research for both Franklin and other university students. Zurich is one of the most vibrant cultural centers of Europe, and one of the most sustainable cities in the world, achieving the third-highest number of points in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS) 2019.

Caroline Wiedmer, the Director of the program comments "Zurich is concerned with the just distribution of resources, the greening of the urban fabric, and the maintenance of its rich artistic and cultural heritage. As such the city serves both as an exciting pedagogical venue and an exemplary laboratory for the study of some of the key concerns of urban sustainability today." 

The 15-18 credit program is taught entirely in English, offers experiential learning and cultural immersion through classroom activities, excursions, fieldwork, lectures by local experts, hands-on engagement, and dedicated research around the topic of urban sustainability. It consists of three consecutive topic modules: the Heritage City, the Green City, and the Ethical City. These are accompanied by a guided research seminar, as well as a module that enables and supports practical insights into businesses, organizations and companies that have created sustainable guidelines as part of their business model. Students interested in deepening their cultural immersion can additionally take immersive classes in the German language at all levels, taught in an innovative and flexible format. Lastly, students are accommodated in a former Jesuit mansion located in the heart of the city, itself a historic landmark in Zurich.

For more information about the program and the curriculum, and to apply, check out the new Zurich Program section of the website or get in touch directly with Professor Wiedmer.