As we enter the new academic year, Franklin University Switzerland will celebrate its 50th Anniversary by 'Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, Sustaining the Future'.

"We have much to celebrate. In 50 years, Franklin has gone from being an inspired vision to a globally recognized university,” proudly remarked President Warden. “We have grown from a small college with a few dozen students to a learning community of students from 60 countries. Franklin is the only higher education institution accredited in the United States and Switzerland, and it was recently recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education as an accredited foreign university. We are the only accredited university in Switzerland that provides a flexible, interdisciplinary liberal arts education. Franklin alumni, over 7,000 from 100 countries, are globally connected professionals and entrepreneurs. Our faculty is made up of active scholars who pursue independent research and publish their work on a regular basis. We are a caring, supportive, learning community.”

For 50 years, the Franklin experience has given students a world that is smaller in terms of access, larger in terms of possibility, and richer in terms of cultural awareness and understanding. “Through integrative study, research, immersion, and exposure to the world through Academic Travel, Franklin students have gained new perspectives and developed new horizons. Cooperative partnerships are enabling us to broaden opportunities and experiences for our students. This year we broke ground for a new student living and learning center that will add much needed facilities to our beautiful campus. Franklin University Switzerland has been built on a solid foundation. The founding vision and fifty years of commitment have created the momentum for a bright and promising future."

Read the full message from President Warden.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Franklin - We Are FUS!