Guiding a child through a college search is a unique process of seeking the right fit, the right program, and the right location. This process led my daughter to Franklin University Switzerland. As she learned about Franklin, she imagined herself there participating fully in all it had to offer. When we visited, we were so impressed with the academic programs, the academic travel possibilities, and the university staff. After a quick journey to Switzerland from California, she struggled with her decision and fear of moving so far from home, but she thought she would regret it if she didn’t at least try it. I have to admit that it was a big leap of faith for both of us! However, it turned out to be the best decision she could have made, and Franklin supported her every step of her journey.

Attending Franklin transformed my daughter in the most amazing ways! She learned Italian and French. She learned to be resourceful in an unfamiliar place. She bravely navigated bumps in the road. She connected with amazing professors and students from around the world who opened her eyes to different cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Academic travel gave her opportunities to explore the real world and she embraced new ways to grow. She spent a summer in Madrid as a nanny, she traveled with friends, and she tutored a refugee student in English. She graduated ready to be out in the world as an individual with a beautiful and unique global perspective.  

Written by Mary Doane, parent of Shannon Fennell '18