A Partnership with TradeWinds supports net-zero efforts at FUS

The Green Office Sustainability Programs at Franklin University Switzerland is pleased to announce that Franklin has signed a contract with Aziende Industriali di Lugano SA (AIL) to buy hydroelectricity for the years 2024 and 2025.

AIL has already worked with Franklin to install solar panels on top of Residences New A and New B, as well as collaborated on the construction of Franklin’s photovoltaic system at the McNeely Center of Ideas & Imagination. AIL is our energy provider and plays a key role in helping our campus move towards net zero.

The electricity supplied to AIL’s consumers is considered “grey energy” because it includes both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Though “grey,” the majority of energy supplied by AIL is already derived from renewable sources, with hydroelectric power making up 55.75% of total electricity supplied to customers in 2022. AIL offers an optional hydroelectric power program for customers who would like the option to source 100% hydroelectric power.

The hydroelectricity agreement involves the purchase of Guarantees of Origin (“GoO”), which verify that a quantity of energy produced, equal to the energy consumed by our accounts, is produced from hydropower sources in the European Union and added to the AIL energy grid. Once the hydroelectric energy enters the grid, it’s not possible to ensure that Franklin’s supply of energy will come from that exact same source.  However, by purchasing GoO’s, we ensure 100% hydroelectric power is added to the grid, driving the shift away from non-renewable energy and influencing the demand-supply dynamics of the renewable energy market.

As part of its mission to integrate sustainability at all levels of the university, the Green Office Sustainability Programs examines Franklin’s energy usage and makes recommendations. “We commend the university leadership for choosing to take part in AIL’s hydroelectricity program and for taking action to demonstrate that sustainability is a core value at Franklin. Thanks go especially to Vice President for Finance and Administration at Franklin, Tomaso Rizzi, and Franklin President, Samuel Martín-Barbero” said Jean Wu, Director of Green Office Sustainability Programs.

Franklin’s participation in the AIL hydroelectricity program for 2024 is sponsored by Tradewinds, a sustainability leader in the yachting industry. Tradewinds is partnering with the Green Office to develop an internship program to communicate their commitment and actions in the sustainability arena, which includes their programs for protecting sea life and the planet, community development, and prosperity. Ricardo Flores, Vice-President of Sustainability and Stakeholders Relations at Tradewinds explains, “Every step counts, and we are focused on sharing our humble efforts as a way to influence society's behaviors, becoming an active agent for positive change.” Franklin is deeply grateful to Tradewinds for its partnership and support of our sustainability efforts.