The Division of Business and Economics of Franklin University Switzerland is proud to organize and host the first edition of a Hackathon around the topics of Digital Transformation and Sustainability with  H-Farm, the largest and one of the most important innovation hubs in Europe.

Graduate students of MSIM together with the International Management senior undergraduate class will welcome H-Farm and their Master’s students in Digital Entrepreneurship to Lugano for a 3-day immersive interaction and collaborative experience. On Thursday, Feb 23, FUS and H-Farm students will work together in groups and challenge themselves on the topic of NFTs.  

Divided into 8 mixed groups, students will have the entire day to create one/or more NFTs, create a wallet and be ready to trade it. As this will be pitched to a jury composed of faculty members from both FUS and H-Farm, students will also need to come up with the storytelling to convince the jury of the value and uniqueness of their idea, and possibly invest in their project.

Bridging different perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and knowledge to work synergically on a common project: this is the true Franklin experiential learning experience!