On the evening of April 22nd, a significant event marked a new chapter in the civic life of Sorengo, Switzerland. The ceremony was held in the city ​​council hall at the newly inaugurated civic center, where Mayor Antonella Meuli Pagnamenta and her executive council were sworn in. This event was notable also for its historical composition - it was the first time the Sorengo Municipality boasted a majority of female representatives.

Franklin’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Kim Hildebrant attended the ceremony to highlight the deep and enduring partnership between Franklin University Switzerland and the Sorengo community. His presence underscored the university's support and commitment to local development and mutual cooperation.

The re-elected mayor, Antonella Meuli Pagnamenta of the political party Il Centro, alongside council members Flavio Nessi (Sus), Fabrizio Rosa (Il Centro), Lydia Terrani (Plr), and newcomer Indra Lischetti Lovera (Il Centro), took their oaths in front of a sizable audience. They swore allegiance to the Constitution and the Laws, administered by Tommaso Pedrazzini, Justice of Peace of the Vezia district.

Franklin University Switzerland has been intertwined with the Sorengo community, building a robust relationship with local representatives and residents over the decades. The university congratulates Mayor Meuli on her well-deserved re-election and looks forward to further enriching this partnership, aimed at fostering Sorengo's ongoing development and prosperity under her able leadership.

In addition to extending his warmest congratulations to the Mayor and the Executive Council, Chairman Hildebrant also expressed his gratitude to Municipal Secretary Arnaldo Bernasconi, acknowledging his invaluable support and assistance. The Franklin community looks forward to maintaining and enhancing these vital relationships, which are fundamental both to institutional growth and to the broader communal fabric.