On the evening of Wednesday, May 17, FUS Graduating Students met at the beautiful Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo to celebrate their accomplishments before their Graduation day. Generously hosted by Rosemary and Kevin McNeely, Franklin soon-to-be graduates dressed up and enjoyed food, drinks, and a magnificent view. The party was held in the Sala Montalbano and Sala Melograno at the Villa, which was converted into a ballroom where guests could chat and meander freely. All guests seized the opportunity to walk along the hotel's terrace with a stunning view of Lake Lugano while sipping some well-deserved celebratory prosecco. 

By all accounts, the event was a huge success among students, faculty, and staff. Nearly forty Senior students and some of their parents, Franklin President Samuel Martín-Barbero, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Kim Hildebrant, were present to commend the Graduation candidates. A beautiful cake was served to celebrate the Graduating Class of 2023, and a DJ played ambient music that grew livelier as the evening progressed. By the night's end, Senior students could be seen dancing together as a group, laughing and sharing their future plans amidst a few tears. By closing time, a group picture was taken outside with a lake view in the background, and everyone reported having had a fantastic, unforgettable experience. Rosemary and Kevin McNeely thanked everyone who joined the event. Undoubtedly, this year's Senior graduating class is eternally grateful to the McNeely family for this much-deserved chance to celebrate together one last time after their shared accomplishment.

Cheers to Franklin University Switzerland Class of 2023!


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