The Meet the Manager program, organized by the division of Business and Economics together with the Office of Marketing, will bring CEOs and top leaders from well-known international corporations into direct contact with students. It is an informal lecture series with the goal of exposing all Franklin students to the ins and outs of current professions in the business world, while discussing their personal experiences, and providing a face to face conversation better understand what a job in a business can entail. This will enable unprecedented interactions and network building for students and will be an occasion for experienced and international managers to taste the mental freshness of Franklin students.

The program was spontaneously started last year and has brought on campus the top management of Rothschild & Co. Bank – read more here, Sunrise Communication, and Lugano Living Lab in direct contact with students. In the upcoming weeks, meetings will take place with representatives from Zegna and Avaloq.

What is the aim of the program? To create a bridge between the Franklin community and the corporate world, providing students with an opportunity to interact with high-level corporate members, with whom they will connect soon after graduation. These experts will share their current challenges in the business or a specific project that they are dealing with while showcasing a grounded, practical, innovative perspective on their industry.

One may view this program as an important enhancement to experiential learning, which is a hallmark of uniqueness that Franklin University Switzerland possesses. The effects of these meetings will not be limited to one day, but rather continue with internship possibilities and, why not, with facilitation for job interviews.

Franklin is a modern and unique place to study, live and grow. The program wrecks the wall separating traditional universities from the world of work so that students are better prepared for what comes next.

The first Meet the Manager lecture series will take place today, November 9, at 4:30 p.m. at the Falcon's Nest. Mr. Giuseppe Panico, Head of Consumer Engagement at Zegna will be explaining everything about luxury customer behavior, the quest for innovation, and leadership with a practical approach to strategy. Be sure to join and take a look at the upcoming Meet the Manager events on the university calendar.

Written by Dr. Davide Gai, Director of Marketing and Strategy