Dance and Architecture! These are two topics currently inspiring a great deal of synergy in our community of students and faculty this Spring semester.

The second edition of the Lugano Dance Project 2023-24, a Franklin collaboration with LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, promises an exciting crescendo of programming and initiatives.

LAC’s programming is already underway, with an extended, open invitation to Frankliners to partake in initiatives that include highlights such as Seville’s premier contemporary flamenco bailador, Israel Galvàn, performing La Edad de Oro, on Saturday, 11 February, and Swiss-Italian dancer and choreographer, Lorena Dozio, performing Come un salto immobile, on Saturday, 4 March. LAC’s program explores, through multiple international perspectives, the relationship between the environment and the creative potential – and limits – of the human body.

Back on the FUS campus, LDP 2023-24 hosted its first open dialogue between students, faculty and the internationally renowned composer-choreographer, Maria Bonzanigo, co-founder of the Compagnia Finzi-Pasca, co-creator of an experimental technique called “Teatro della carezza,” which Bonzanigo explained and elaborated on during the dialogue. How does the apparently simple word “caress,” translated into human movement in space, strive to capture the spirit of creative forms of expression as different as theater, dance, acrobatics, circus, opera, and documentary?

See the gallery of the first preparatory meeting and be sure to check back with us at LDP 2023-24 to see how Franklin students will push the limits of their own interdisciplinary and experiential learning skills in future workshop experiences.