Franklin students come from all over the globe, speak many languages, represent different nationalities, foster and express distinct cultures, and uphold various traditions.

Yet they all share the same desires and ambitions. They are explorers, seeking to engage the world with confidence and curiosity. They study international and interdisciplinary relevant topics on humanity, sustainability, innovation, social justice, the future, and much more. They commit to excelling academically to one day land a dream-true professional career. Last but not least, they stand together, support and cheer on one another, and grow up as part of a tight-knit, worldwide community, the Franklin family.

This is their story, and today, Franklin introduces Majda.

What is your name, where are you from, and what year are you attending at Franklin? 

My name is Majda Halim and I am from Ifrane, Morocco. I transferred to Franklin in the fall of 2020  from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco and am today a Junior. 

What is your cultural background? 

I was born in Morocco in the year 2000, so I am 21 year old. Two days after my birth, I was adopted by my two American parents who moved to Morocco four years prior to my birth in 1996. I was then raised in Ifrane until I transferred to Switzerland for university.  

What is your favorite thing about your home country, what is your favorite thing about Switzerland? How would you compare the two countries? 

Morrocco: The food and the traditions that the Moroccan culture holds. Switzerland: The natural beauty of the geography and landscape. Ifrane is referred to as the “Switzerland of Morocco” due to its beauty and cleanliness. Therefore, I love the fact that Lugano somewhat reminds me of home.  

How did you learn about Franklin? 

Franklin University was recommended to me by a mentor. This inspired me to visit Switzerland for a campus tour at which point I fell in love with Lugano and Franklin University Switzerland.  

What is your favorite thing at Franklin? 

My favorite thing about Franklin is the diversity in cultural and national backgrounds within the student body. The small class sizes also enhance the educational experience by allowing students to engage with professors more actively.  

What are your aspirations for the future, and how is Franklin teaching you to become a successful professional? 

My future career goal is to one day manage my own business. Through my major in International Management and engaging in classes and career discussions with my Academic Advisor, Professor Giulia Miniero, I have gained a passion for Marketing and have future aspirations in international business.  

What is the value that you believe most represents Franklin and why? 

Franklin really emphasizes the value of global responsibility in our education as future leaders. As students, we are taught that our positive actions have good repercussions in the wider, global context. As citizens of the world, we have a global responsibility to create impactful change for the better. 

What makes you laugh the most and why? 

The comedian Kevin Hart and his stand-up shows.

What is your all-time favorite book and why? 

"The Hobbit", it's an easy read that is very whimsical and full of jokes.  

How many languages do you speak? 

Three: English, Arabic and French.