Each year, new Franklin students are invited to take part in a broad array of initiatives and activities as a part of the ongoing Undergraduate experience. Among these, one of the most engaging and diversified programs is called "Tutte Le Strade", meaning “all roads” in Italian. 

“Tutte Le Strade is designed to help students continue meeting and interacting with each other, experiencing the warmth of our tight-knit community, exploring the local Ticino community, and even gaining some additional practical skills we believe will be helpful for them as students here at Franklin, but also in the future,” says Russell Martin, Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Student Programming at the Office of Student Life. Although the program is intended for new students, returning students are also usually involved in the programs and activities, welcoming freshmen and transfer students into the "Franklin family" and assisting them in expanding their network and feeling at home on campus.

The program is named Tutte Le Strade taking inspiration from a shortened version of the famous Italian proverb: “Tutte le strade portano a Roma”, that is, “All roads lead to Rome”. At Franklin, fostering intercultural and social development is an essential mission to prepare students in becoming compassionate and collaborative adults. Thus, Tutte le Strade wants to provide students a chance to flourish and come together by following the Franklin values, while experiencing the beautiful natural and cultural environment of Lugano and the Ticino territory or taking part in fun yet simple programs that help students get adjusted to university life. Highlights include a pizza crawl, sunrise mountain hikes, a community soccer game, visits to castles, student organization programs, and much more. Whatever personal interests students may have, there is always something new to try out.

Some of the next exciting and upcoming events of this week are:

To know more about Tutte le Strade, the list of upcoming activities and how to participate refer to the Franklin App (for Android or iPhone).