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Application Fees

    Undergraduate Studies Application Fee9090
    Graduate Studies Application Fee7575
    Summer Application Fee4040

Enrollment Deposit

    Undergraduate Studies Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)500500
    Graduate Studies Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)15001500
    Summer Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)115115
    Leave of Absence Deposit500500
    Travel Deposit10001000

Summer Academic Travel Deposits

    Travel Deposit for AHT 257T Introduction to History of Architecture15001500
    Travel Deposit for CLCS 251T Reading Moroccan Culture15001500
    Travel Deposit for CLCS 260T Berlin: Migration and Transformation15001500
    Travel Deposit for ENV 280T Managing the New Zealand Environment/LIT 370 Literature and the Land15001500
    Travel Deposit for POL 281T Sustainable Development in Africa15001500

Registrar Fees

    Late Withdrawal Fee375375
    Graduation Application Fee130130
    Transcript Fee (courier mail)6060
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