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Application Fees

    Undergraduate Studies Application Fee9090
    Graduate Studies Application Fee7575
    Summer Application Fee4040

Enrollment Deposit

    Undergraduate Studies Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)500500
    Graduate Studies Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)15001500
    Summer Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable)115115
    Leave of Absence Deposit500500
    Travel Deposit10001000

Summer Academic Travel Deposits

    Travel Deposit for AHT 257T History of Architecture (non-refundable)15001500
    Tuition Deposit for BIO 297 Wilderness Medicine in Changing Climate (non-refundable)15001500
    Travel Deposit for CLCS 251T/ML 100 Reading Moroccan Culture (non-refundable)15001500
    Travel Deposit for ENV 280T Managing the New Zealand Environment/LIT 370 Literature and the Land (non-refundable)15001500
    Travel Deposit for STA 280T Poland: Adventures in Printmaking (non-refundable)15001500

Registrar Fees

    Late Withdrawal Fee375375
    Graduation Application Fee130130
    Transcript Fee (courier mail)6060
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