The Swiss government has announced a series of updated restrictions to fight the increasing number of positive cases over the holidays, effective today, December 20, 2021.

We are pleased to confirm that universities in Switzerland will continue to be able to offer in-person teaching, meaning spring 2022 courses will be held in-person from the first day of classes.

However, there are some important changes for the interim term and for at least the first two weeks of the spring semester.

  1. Regarding students, access to campus classrooms will be limited in accordance with the so-called “3G” rule. All students will need a valid vaccination or recovery certificate, or a negative test to attend classes. Test validity length will be minimum—as little as 24 hours for rapid antigen tests—and students who cannot otherwise meet the 3G rule will not be allowed to attend courses in hybrid mode simply because they have not kept up with testing requirements. This would mean a lot of testing, people! We encourage all unvaccinated students who can do so to get their vaccine or booster while home over break or schedule their vaccination appointment in Lugano upon their return. At Franklin, we are proud of our high student vaccination rate of approximately 95%. All classroom participants will continue to wear protective facial covering and follow other routine public health practices
  2. Regarding Franklin faculty, we will be holding all indoor meetings with more than two people online.  Exceptions will be—in addition to classroom teaching—sit-down receptions and group meals with adequate distancing. Like students, all faculty will need a valid vaccination or recovery certificate, or a negative test, to carry out their teaching and advising duties. Franklin faculty will be on campus to hold office hours and teach their classes. Again, careful mask hygiene is required.
  3. Regarding Franklin staff, the Federal Council is re-introducing a requirement to work from home wherever possible. If your presence on campus is required, please coordinate with your supervisor, who will inform the Office of Finance and Administration. Please ensure you that you always wear a mask except when alone in your office, especially if there is more than one person in the same room. All indoor meetings involving more than two people are to be held online.
  4. Students and employees who are away for the break, as you prepare to re-enter Switzerland, please note Switzerland has updated entry requirements starting today, Monday, December 20, 2022:
    - Submit the entry form no earlier that 48 hours before entry;
    - Take a PCR (up to 72 hours) or rapid antigen (up to 24 hours) test before boarding an aircraft or vehicle to travel to Switzerland;
    Non-vaccinated/non-recovered individuals will need to submit a second test result 4-7 days after arrival in Switzerland at the following link.

Rapid antigen tests in Switzerland will be free of charge. The cost of individual PCR and antibody tests will continue to be the responsibility of the individual. 

Here are additional important details effective from today until Monday, January 24, 2022

  • Access to indoor venues is limited to vaccinated or recovered individuals (2G Rule): this includes restaurants, cultural and sporting events, and leisure venues is tolimited to vaccinated or recovered individuals. Mask and a seating requirement for service also apply.
  • Access to indoor venues where masks and/or seating requirements cannot be met are limited to vaccinated or recovered individuals with a negative test result (2G+): this includes bars and clubs. Individuals who were vaccinated, have recovered or received a booster within the last 4 months are exempt.
  • Private gatherings with unvaccinated or unrecovered individuals are limited to 10 people. Outdoor gatherings continue to allow 50 people, and private 2G gatherings can hosts 30 participants.
  • Rapid antigen tests will be free of charge. Please note that the cost of individual PCR and antibody tests will continue not to be covered.

Students, faculty and staff participating in pre-semester preparation, workshops and/or new student orientation will hear from us with additional information in the coming weeks.