As we prepare for the spring semester and for welcoming students back to campus, I wanted to update you on current regulations both on campus and in Switzerland at large.

Here at Franklin, we continue to follow local guidelines to keep our community safe and allow for in-person instruction. For the spring semester:

  1. We will continue to hold in person classes beginning with the first day of the semester.
  2. We are aware of potential pandemic-related issues as you prepare to return to campus next week. Students who cannot travel due to isolation or quarantine requirements, or who are having issues with flight cancelations, may begin the semester online until they can join us in person. Students with frequent contact during the semester with vulnerable loved ones can also consider this option. Please note hybrid learning will be offered until February 4, 2022 to students who can reasonably justify their need to join class on-line. Please request to be able to attend online to your professors well ahead of the class meeting time and let Housing know if you will be arriving to campus late.
  3. All students will need a valid vaccination or recovery certificate, or a negative test to attend classes (3G).
    We continue to encourage all students who can do so to get their vaccine or booster while home over break or schedule their vaccination appointment in Lugano upon their return. At Franklin, we are proud of our high student vaccination rate of over95%. Getting a booster will increase your protection and further lengthen the period of validity of your COVID certificate. Rapid antigen tests are currently free of charge in Switzerland. Students must also obtain testing in the case of symptoms.
  4. All students, faculty and staff must wear FFP2/N95/KN95 masks in the classroom, in both academic and administrative buildings and in any other occasion where physical distancing is difficult, such as in the dining hall or Grotto when not consuming food or drink.
    This is to help counter the extremely high transmission rates of the Omnicron variant. These masks have a longer wear time than simple surgical masks and protect both you and those around you. While we will provide students with a starter pack, we recommend students prepare for this increased safety measure by bringing masks from their home country if cheaper or more readily available. You can purchase FFP2 masks in packs of 5 masks at all major grocery stores in Lugano.
  5. Faculty will continue to be available on-campus for in class teaching and for individual meetings with students and colleagues. Please ventilate all offices and classrooms frequently and maintain physical distancing.
  6. Administrative staff should continue following the requirement to work from home wherever possible. Please coordinate within your department so that we can continue providing reasonable service on campus. It is important the university remain operational with staff available during office hours.
  7. Students who tested COVID positive over the winter break must send their negative COVID test result to  before returning to campus. Any staff or faculty who tested COVID positive over the winter break or recently will need to send  a negative COVID test result to VP Tomaso Rizzi before returning to campus.
  8. In light of current restrictions, all students are required to demonstrate proof of vaccination to participate in any Academic Travel this spring both inside Switzerland and abroad. Students traveling outside Switzerland need a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency or a full recovery certificate, while students traveling inside Switzerland simply need a vaccine approved in Switzerland. Students currently registered for academic travel who cannot meet these requirement must contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible.

As a reminder, Switzerland grants individuals access to various activities through the following categories:

  • 3G = vaccinated, recovered, or tested
  • 2G = vaccinated or recovered
  • 2G+ = vaccinated/recovered/boosted within the last 4 months or vaccinated/recovered with a negative test

The additional following regulations are in place at least until January 24, 2022.

  • 2G limited access to indoor venues including restaurants, cultural and sporting events, and leisure venues. Mask and a seating requirement for service also apply.
  • 2G+ limited access to indoor venues where masks and/or seating requirements cannot be met, including bars, clubs, and intensive sports.
  • Private indoor gatherings with unvaccinated or unrecovered individuals are limited to 10 people. Private 2G indoor gatherings can host 30 participants. Outdoor gatherings continue to allow 50 people.
  • Rapid antigen tests are free of charge. Please note that the cost of individual PCR and antibody tests is the responsibility of the individual.