Silvano Coletti

Silvano Coletti

Adjunct Lecturer, Global Entrepreneurship

Executive M.B.A., Harvard Business School, USA
Polytechnic of Milan, School of Engineering, Italy


Silvano Coletti joined the Franklin faculty in 2012 and lectures at other universities in Europe and the US. He has also served as CEO and member of the board for various stock listed companies. Prior to founding Chelonia SA, he founded Ecosquare in Italy, a company partially owned by Nomura Bank. Silvano is a business advisor to enterprises in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and is currently developing an innovative biotech device with the participation of NASA Johnson Space Center. He was recently appointed strategic advisor of some pharmaceutical corporations in Europe and the US. He regularly collaborates with magazines and newspapers as a columnist and influencer in technological innovation. From 2002 to 2007 he was delegated to the United Nations as representative of the largest pan-African NGO InterAfrican Union for Human Rights, Burkina Faso. He speaks at industry conferences and to senior executive audiences. He is a member of the Swiss Chapter of the Harvard Alumni Club.

Professional Experience, Current Position:

Founder & CEO, Chelonia SA

Research Interests and Areas of Expertise:

Innovation, Life Sciences, and technological innovation