Excitement is in the air! Now that midterms are over, students are getting ready to leave for the numerous and stimulating Fall 2019 Academic Travel Courses.

From Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Poland, to Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Iceland, and Botswana, students will have the chance to experience the places they study for two weeks, based on each course’s specific topic area, and accompanied by the course professor.

Franklin’s signature program and the most distinctive feature of the FUS curriculum, Academic Travel rhymes with powerful experiential learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. As remarked by Patrick Della Croce, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Sciences, "I have loved every Academic Travel I have led to the Tagliamento river in Italy and the caves in Slovenia. Watching the students experiencing the river - quite literally waist deep - and admiring the indescribable beauty of the caves is simply amazing! As I expected, these systems never cease to amaze me and never fail to marvel students.”

Last fall Professor Della Croce's class, Freshwater Conservation in Northeast Italy and Slovenia, visited three freshwater systems and practiced field data collection techniques in this unique firsthand experience. As noted by Della Croce, “after the day on the floodplain, students said, ‘a whole day on the floodplain beats museums or data analysis every day!’"