As part of our 2019-2020 “Future of Work” series of guest speakers and masterclasses, MSIM students welcomed Enrico Marangoni last week, who is responsible for Product Placement and Branded Contents at RAI Pubblicità.

Enrico Marangoni used a very engaging presentation with several videos to explain how RAI has incorporated the practice of product placement and branded contents.  It is helping RAI editors and producers to have a more integrated approach to embedding products and brands advertisement into the company’s programs and series. The discussion became particularly interesting when one of the participants asked the question: “How much is too much of such advertisement for the audience?” As explained by our guest speaker, it is the fine art of strategic marketing management that enables a company to find the right balance of meeting everybody’s needs including: the advertising company, RAI production, the audience, and RAI Pubblicità.

Notably, one of the Korean students participating in the class explained how in South Korea some companies have lost focus on this important balance and that this can be evidenced by the many embedded ads that are incongruent with the programs and series. 

It was also very interesting to hear about the importance RAI places on the management of its long-term relationships with all of its many stakeholders.

If you are interested in learning more about product placement at RAI Pubblicità, here you can find some of the RAI examples, and here some from many well-known global companies.