The concept of leadership is in evolution, and Franklin’s executive programs will address two important facets of that evolution, adaptability and future states, in May and July.

On February 5th, Carlo Giardinetti, Dean of Executive Education and Global Outreach, represented Franklin once again in the annual MERIT Summit, this year held in Seville, Spain. He spoke to summit participants about the Chief Adaptability Officer, the leader everyone is waiting for.

This May, Franklin will offer an intense 1-day program on the Chief Adaptability Officer and the challenge of building an adaptable organization that can move with agility in these unpredictable times. Academic and industry experts will lead participants through a wide variety of topics, followed by co-creative workshops and collaborative reflection among expert participants.

The July course will take things one step further, taking participants to the Maldives for five days to study Quantum Leadership, a concept that seeks to provide leaders with a creative path to step into the future and pull, instead of push, their organizations forward to a new business reality. The course will be headed by Chris Laszlo, author of Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business.

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