We are excited to open up the second installment of #goodaftercovid19 to the Franklin community as part of University Day.


Following the success of the first #goodaftercovid19 conversation in live streaming, we are excited to open up the second installment to the Franklin community as part of University Day. How could things actually be better after COVID-19? Find out on April 8 at 2:15 p.m. CEST, as #goodaftercovid19 shines a light on the “best practices” emerging right now. Thought leaders from around the world will share which values and behaviors they believe are vital to nurture if we wish to ensure a future that serves us all.

Initiated by our own Carlo Giardinetti, Dean of Executive Education and Global Outreach, and Sara Roversi, founder of the Future Food Institute, the first stage of this project began during a phone call back in March. The two discussed how the pandemic could be a stimulus to correct many of the weaknesses it had exposed, by creating a common ground on which people could meet and build a better future. They immediately reached out to colleagues for help. The result was a live fishbowl event in which forty experts from diverse backgrounds discussed ways to correct imbalances, improve our systems, and strengthen our relationships with each other.

“This group is proposing that we dramatically improve the world after this crisis, and we don’t go back to business as usual.” Dean Giardinetti reports the first event, which can be viewed at Good After COVID19, is receiving overwhelming support from thought leaders, media, and hundreds of people around the globe. This is just the beginning. He believes that “within and beside the tragedy we are all living, there are some incredible seeds for good. It’s clear.”

Instead of a top down approach, which relies on national leaders to define our actions, Good After COVID19 demonstrates how responsibility must be more spread out, beginning at an individual level and then shared amongst companies, industries, and governments. Nine topics were defined by the first conversation, building on sustainable development goals (SDGs), and “particularly relevant for the COVID-19 lock-down context we are living in,” according to the participants:

  • Define a new Leadership paradigm
  • Reinstate the real purpose of Economy
  • Redesign the Internet for better democracies
  • Trust science and spirituality, not power
  • Make human essential needs accessible to everybody
  • Implement the Theory of Change for the SDGs
  • Move beyond “Competition vs Collaboration” towards “Co-opetition”
  • Weave an Intergenerational Pathway towards a Thriving Society
  • Transform All Education into Issue-Based Learning

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call from a friend or a well-timed TED talk to awaken a desire for change in ourselves. These days, the stakes are high, but the solution still lies within ourselves. Anyone can sign up for this free event and join the movement.