Watch the short video of the 2016 exhibition "A Masked Bestiary", created by Prof. Clarice Zdanski and students.

A Bestiary in Masks - CAMS (University Center for Scientific Museums)

Interested in a short video featuring FUS students? The Natural History Gallery (NHG) at the University of Perugia invites you to enjoy their 2016 exhibition: Un bestiario in maschera. Based on a medieval bestiary - a compendium of knowledge about animals and other aspects of nature - this collection takes the form of glazed terracotta masks. The video showcases Franklin students creating their own masks by hand during their 2015 Academic Travel “Ceramic Studies: Northern and Central Italy."

Professor Clarice Zdanski organized the course under the guidance of Master Luca Leandri. It was held at La Fratta Art House in Marsciano, which is partnered with the NHG. Offering this exhibition now in an online format is the museum’s way of reaching out to the public, since so many are travel-restricted.

The Director of CAMS (University Center for Scientific Museums), Cristina Galassi, is responsible for promoting the Franklin exhibition and other projects on their YouTube channel.  “All the commitment of museums would be in vain if the public did not participate in the construction and dissemination of scientific thought in museums. We propose content on the net so as not to interrupt our collaboration... thank you!”

Would you like to know more about this Academic Travel experience? You can get all the details and see close-up images of the beautiful, finished masks in the original story.