Thanks to an anonymous donation, FUS has made improvements to important aspects of our campus, used by students and visitors alike.

Kaletsch Campus encompasses many locations vital to Franklin University Switzerland, including the library and auditorium, reception desk, classrooms, faculty offices, and the Office of the President. Last year, Franklin received a generous gift from an anonymous donor to partially renovate the campus. Focus went to the main villa, in particular the areas most accessed by our community and the external public.



Renovations, which began in December of 2019, are now finished. We have done a complete renovation of Holman Hall. The corridors between Reception and the David R. Grace Library have been painted with the Franklin colors of red and white. Nielsen Auditorium received a new, high-quality projector and speakers. Most recently, in mid-August, we replaced all the shutters on the villa with durable, high-quality, aluminum shutters.

Franklin University Switzerland is proud of Kaletsch Campus, where we first established a permanent residence in 1986. The villa was designed to represent an ideal Ticinese country home in Sorengo back in the 1940s, with a spacious layout and panoramic views of the City of Lugano. It has become a home to thousands of students, faculty, and staff over the course of our 50-year history.

Please join us in offering gratitude to the anonymous donor, whose gift enabled us to sustain the future of such a beautiful part of our campus. This gives Kaletsch a fresher look in anticipation of our 50th anniversary celebrations, culminating with the Global Alumni Reunion now scheduled for May 2021.


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