Franklin’s new undergraduate scientific opportunity.

Calling all natural science enthusiasts out there. Franklin is committed to driving the change in preparing leaders to propel our planet towards a greener, more sustainable and brighter future. Thus, starting this year, Franklin is adding a one-of-a-kind specialization to its extensive list of undergraduate programs, presenting its first-ever Bachelor of Science program centering around the field of Environmental Science, the study of interactions among the physical, chemical and biological components of the planet.

This interdisciplinary academic program targets students fascinated and intrigued by ecosystem dynamics, scientific studies, innovations and trends linked to environmental and ecological issues. When studying environmental systems, students will develop knowledge of the basic functioning and ecology of the major “spheres” of the world: terrestrial, aquatic, atmospheric, and human, while learning to apply scientific rigor and methods effectively.

The curriculum, consisting of a total of 59 credits, combines foundation courses in natural and physical sciences with quantitative skills, and upper-level specific science classes comprising Biology, Ecology, Chemistry and Sustainable Studies. Like all other Franklin study plans, this undergraduate science-focused degree additionally offers practical field studies in engaging topics ranging from Freshwater Conservation to Tourism and the Environment, topping off with a classic Capstone Course focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to environmental issues.

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