ENV 199 Glaciers No More: Climate Change and Ethics and the Environment

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Analyze and think critically about environmental issues

Local and global societies face an array of environmental problems, from biodiversity loss to climate change to various types of pollution. To tackle these problems, future leaders need to understand the science behind the issues as well as the societal context in which they occur. The Environmental Sciences and Studies (ESS) major provides students the knowledge and skills to become these future leaders through two major options. The general Environmental Studies major exposes students to environmental issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, while the Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in science allows students to focus primarily on the natural and physical science aspects of today’s environmental problems. Both major curricula integrate Franklin’s Academic Travel program, offer opportunities to pursue independent research, incorporate real-world experience, and encourage majors to study abroad.In particular, Franklin’s affiliation with the School for Field Studies (SFS - www.fieldstudies.org) allows ESS students to study at one of the SFS sites during a summer or semester and receive major credit. Both major programs prepare students for careers in government, non-profit conservation, consulting, as well as for graduate degree programs.


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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major gives students an interdisciplinary background and enables them to think critically about, analyze, and understand today's environmental issues. In this major, students receive a broad overview of environmental issues that includes environmental science, the social sciences, and humanities. Students take a core set of fundamental courses and then tailor a set of broad upper-level electives that reflects the students' specific interests.

Environmental Studies Major Requirements

Environmental Studies with an Emphasis in Science

This emphasis targets students who are intrigued by the science behind environ-mental issues. The coursework emphasizes the environmental sciences and quantitative methods, while still providing insight from other disciplines to help students understand the societal issues intertwined with the environment. Students take a core set of fundamental courses and then develop a set of science-focused upper-level electives that reflects their own specific interests.

Environmental Studies with an Emphasis in Science Major Requirements