In collaboration with Marco Bellini and Nicholas Sacchi (current president and previous president respectively) of the Associazione Ticinese Psicologi (ATP), Professors Patrick Della Croce and Martino Ongis of the Academic Division of Environment, Math, Psychology, and Health at Franklin University Switzerland have organized a day of continuous education for members of the ATP and of the STPP (Società Ticinese di Psichiatria e Psicoterapia). The EMPH Division was proud to be able to showcase its valued adjunct Professors Dr. Cristina Colombo and Dr. Guido Travaini as the keynote speakers of the event along with Adjunct Professors Emma Flutti, Francesco Attanasio, and Lorenzo Fregna as speakers for the afternoon session.

During the event, Senior students majoring in Psychology were able to show their research in a dedicated congress-style poster session.

Prof Della Croce (FUS): “For the Psychology program it is very important to become recognized in the local and regional landscape. Events such as this one allow us to connect with the professionals active on the territory, showing who we are and what we do. This opens up collaborations and increases the recognition of the FUS Psychology major.

This specific event also allowed our students to show their research projects and discuss them with local professionals. Exchanges such as this one are a great opportunity for our students and constitute a key component in the life of academics and researchers. We look very much forward to making this a recurrent kind of event, and we are very grateful to the ATP for continuing this collaboration with us.

Marco Bellini (ATP): “We are very happy to be able to collaborate again with Franklin University Switzerland and give the opportunity to professionals active in the field of mental health and colleagues of the Ticino Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (STTP) to participate in this seminar focusing on the topic of violence and mental distress. For ATP, these formative sessions are essential to allow our members to remain up-to-date in their field or explore different clinical areas.

This specific event in collaboration with FUS also highlighted the work of the students graduating in psychology. The interaction with the students guaranteed a further stimulus for reflection and a better understanding of the ideas that are increasingly taking shape within the pool of future professionals in psychology in our area. 

Eleanor Clark (Psychology major, class 2024): “I really enjoyed the conference as an opportunity to showcase my work and get feedback from professionals in my field of study. It was also wonderful to see my classmates shine as they showed off their research! It was a great day.”

Scarlett Victoria (Psychology major, class 2024): “My experience with the poster presentation was great! I spoke with a woman who works with adults with ADHD and we discussed different difficulties that she faces with her work which was super interesting. Diet interventions were also a new form of treatment for her and she was curious to know more. Others were really kind and supportive of my work and also gave me ideas for some more material I could use. I found the poster session really fun and encouraging.

Yasmine-Armelle Evang (Psychology major, class 2024): Participating in the poster session was exhilarating but also incredibly nerve-wracking. It was so refreshing to speak to professionals and not have to define certain field-specific words. It was scary to present research to professionals, but in the end, preparing for presenting made me the most knowledgeable in the room on my topic.”

Isabelle Kohler (Psychology major, class 2024): “The poster session was an incredible opportunity to gain feedback about my research from local working professionals. It also served as a first glimpse into what a future career in academia might look like, while also giving me experience in presenting and defending my work. Overall, it was a very valuable and unique experience to have at an undergraduate level.”

Luna Tafuri (Psychology major, class 2024): “Attending the psychology conference on violence at FUS and having the opportunity to share my poster contributed to my knowledge and growth as a possible future researcher. Engaging in discussions and sharing my research with experts in the field provided me with new perspectives and ideas. I am grateful for the experience I had because it also helped my communication skills.”