Lugano enjoys continental weather with all four seasons – you will need warm winter clothing, rain gear, and comfortable footwear. In Europe, cobblestone streets are common and in Lugano, there are many wooded paths and green areas. Prepare to dress comfortably in a variety of landscapes and all types of weather.

The following list of suggestions is based on what our students usually bring to live in Lugano. Other items such as class materials and cleaning supplies can be purchased in local shops.

What to Bring

Bring your laptop computer. The campus is spread out, and students can take advantage of our campus-wide wireless network.

Learn more about Information Technology at Franklin


  • Casual: jeans, shorts, pants, comfortable shoes
  • Dress*: slacks, sport coat or blazer, tie, skirts and dresses, dress shoes
  • Athletic: sneakers, swimwear, hiking boots, skiwear
  • Winter: warm coat, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, boots
  • Rain: raincoat, windbreaker
  • Other: bathrobe, sleepwear, slippers

*Graduate students will need professional attire for various academic activities.

Bed and Bath

  • Bath towel and washcloth - At least one set should be packed in carry-on luggage for use on arrival - additional items can be purchased locally.
  • Toiletries - enough to get started - These can be purchased here.
  • Bed linen, pillow, and blanket - Students will receive information about the opportunity to rent linens from the University before they arrive. Please note that because of a very busy Orientation schedule, we are not able to offer a bus to IKEA until Friday of Orientation. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are not enough seats for all students. If you plan to purchase linens at IKEA, it is a good idea to bring something to sleep on for your first few nights.

Other Items

  • Travel umbrella
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Backpack, small travel bag, or book bag
  • Camera


If you need regular medication, the University requires medical documentation from your doctor. We recommend that you bring enough medicine for one month and arrange to see a Swiss physician shortly after your arrival. Swiss pharmacies cannot fill prescriptions from other countries, and some medicine may not be available here: if this is the case, medications will have to be changed or a parent will have to mail them to the student from home. Please allow at least two weeks for medications to arrive by post. Ensure that 'medications' is written on the box, that each bottle is labeled with your name, and that a copy of your prescription is in the package so that the parcel is admitted through customs at the border as efficiently as possible.

Note that some airlines have restrictions on the amount of medication that can be brought on board, so check with your airline for details and have your doctor’s prescription with you when you travel. Medication should be in clearly marked containers with your name on them to avoid confusion at each border crossing. The University requires that certain medications be kept under lock and key in the Office of Student Life and be distributed on a weekly or monthly basis.

What not to Bring

Franklin residences are furnished and most have kitchenettes or a shared kitchen with basic utensils and appliances. Your residence hall will have an oven, stove, and access to a refrigerator either in your apartment or in the common kitchen. The electrical system in Switzerland may be different than the one in your country and may render your appliances unusable or inoperable. Necessary items should be purchased locally.

Please do not bring any of the following items:

  • *Desktop Computer
  • *Electrical appliances
  • *Personal appliances like hair dryers, hair straighteners, trimmers/clippers
  • *Hot plates or kitchen supplies
  • Furniture
  • Multiple packs of toiletry items
  • Pets

* The Swiss electrical system uses 230 volts AC. The U.S. uses 120 volts. Plugging in a lower voltage appliance to a Swiss plug can ruin appliances and electrical outlets.


You can limit what you have to bring in your luggage by sending parcels by mail. Surface mail is the cheapest way to ship personal items, and boxes generally take between four and eight weeks to get to Lugano from overseas. Thus, if you are starting in the fall semester, send your boxes no later than July 17 to be sure they arrive by late August or early September. 

Please use the second address below for any mail sent after July 17Packages will not be received at Via Ponte Tresa 6 after August 16, and they will not be delivered to your room.

Items sent before July 17 - The Office of Student Life will deliver these boxes to students' rooms.

All parcels must be sent to: 

Your Name and Last Name
c/o Franklin University Switzerland
Via Ponte Tresa 6
6924 Sorengo

Items sent after July 17 - Franklin's Reception will hold packages received after August 16 for students to pick up after they move into their residences.

All parcels must be sent to: 

Your Name and Last Name
c/o Franklin University Switzerland
Via Ponte Tresa 29
6924 Sorengo

The Ultimate Packing List

Jessica Oglesby, a Franklin alumna, wrote The Ultimate Packing List, an article with great tips and tricks for what you’ll need here and how best to get it here. You can find this and more helpful information on the Adventures at Franklin blog.