We offer a number of services and programs that reside in various locations on campus designed to support your academic and intellectual engagement and to help you explore and take full advantage of the curriculum.

University Libraries

There are two libraries at Franklin - one on each campus - with online catalogues; electronic resources including computers, printing, and scanning facilities; and tools to help you with your studies.

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Public Libraries

In the center of Lugano in Parco Ciani (the large park along the lake), there is a branch of the Ticino Cantonal Library system. Although most books are in Italian, there is a selection of foreign literature, including books in English. With your public library card, you also have access to the library at USI Università della Svizzera Italiana and the public university in Lugano.

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WLC  |  Writing and Learning Center

The WLC provides individual and group academic support free of charge. You can improve your writing skills, find resources to help you with your academic work, get peer tutoring, and attend workshops and events around exams. There are also opportunities for students to get involved in leadership activities.

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Office of the Registrar

The University Registrar ensures the integrity of academic policies and the accuracy and security of student records, provides academic advising, and maintains the course catalog.

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Accessibility Services

As a small community of learners, we can offer individual support on many levels, with both qualified staff and trained student mentors and tutors. We are committed to supporting all students in our academic programs.

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Career Services

We offer programs, online resources, and strategies to prepare you for life after university. You can participate in workshops, get information about working in Switzerland and other countries, and find out about internships and job opportunities.

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IT Services

We provide computing and networking support for both campuses and all residences. Your computers and other networked devices will have reliable access to either the wired or wireless network in all university locations.

For technical support, you can ask in person at the IT Office on the ground floor of the LAC on North Campus, email helpdesk@fus.edu, or call +41 91 986 3668.

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