Franklin’s cross-cultural, exploratory academic program includes countless opportunities for hands-on experience.  We challenge students through diverse learning environments to become critical thinkers and responsible leaders. To celebrate these attributes, we have decided to feature “Lead by Example” - a series of stories where Franklin’s mission is expressed in real terms by the humans who live it.

Leading Through Compassion

From Germany, to Canada, to Malaysia, to the United States, to Venice and finally to Franklin, Professor Johanna Fassl has made an impact on her students, peers and friends. A professor of Art History and Visual Communications, she has an eye for not only the arts, but humanity in itself.


Leading Through Initiative

Every first-year Franklin student arrives with a blank slate they paint and detail throughout their university experience; however, there are few that decorate it in a way all can admire. Jordan Ricker G’17, is someone many in the Franklin community warmly know and respect. His interests in cross-cultural communication and international studies inspired him to take the lead on a variety of events and programs within the Franklin community.


Leading Through Commitment

Many Franklinites know Dr. Ann Gardiner as a Lecturer in the department of Comparative Literary and Cultural studies and as the Director of the Writing and Learning Center. However, one title that is not in her job description is keeper of the university garden.


Leading Through Patience

Three undergraduate students took part in an important archeological dig in Tuscany with Franklin University Switzerland’s President, Dr. Greg Warden in the summer of 2015.  In this video, Sam and Andrea explain how their patience was one of the many secrets to their success.


This series highlights all Franklinites: students, alumni, faculty and staff.  Short videos are produced and published on Franklin’s website to feature the individuals or groups nominated by the community. If you would like to nominate someone, simply fill out this online form.