MBA and Executive MBA Programs

Franklin University Switzerland is active in bringing 21st-century business education around the globe by establishing prestigious partnerships with great institutions outside of Switzerland.

Executive MBA programs (EMBA) are programs designed to be g-local with a strong emphasis on Leadership and Global Citizenship. Instructors come from all over the world and are experts in business and management, while courses run in English and in the local language.


MBA in Big Data (only in South Korea)

In the era of Big Data, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and artificial intelligence, the world is now waging a battle to secure experts, or data scientists, who are capable of extracting insights from flooding data.

That is why data scientist is considered one of the most attractive professions in the 21st century. Korea's first FUS Big Data MBA Dual degree program boasts a field-oriented curriculum with 48 credits, 30 courses (+ thesis).

Program Features

Thanks to the partnership with aSSIST, this program for executives resident in South Korea is more convenient than acquiring a degree by studying in a foreign country, and it gives the opportunity to work and study without interruption.

  • The MBA degrees in aSSIST and FUS within 1.5 years
  • Excellent curriculum combining the strengths of Big Data MBA and FUS
  • Field-oriented curriculum fosters global-level data scientists
  • Learning design in parallel with workplace
  • Acquisition of overseas degrees at a significantly lower cost than studying abroad for executives resident in South Korea

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Dual degree MBA/EMBA in AI Strategic Management (only in South Korea)

This dual degree MBA/EMBA focuses on teaching business based on AI and sustainable strategy.

Many graduate schools specialize in research performance and AI engineering, but not many programs teach how to utilize AI in the business field and engage in responsible management.

These days, it is crucial for you to understand responsible management and AI technology, no matter which your field is.

Even though you may have different understandings of AI technology based on your position, you will become an AI professional verse in responsible management strategies with aSSIST University and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS).

The program is delivered in both English (about thirty percent) and in Korean language (seventy percent). Venture CapitalDigital Finance and AI Big Data specializations are also available with a dual-degree from FUS.

Executive MBA (only in China)

As China's economy soars, it becomes increasingly integrated into the international community, whereby a strong call for international business management talents is voiced across industries. Answering that call, FUS forged a partnership with Abundance International Education Institute (AIEI) to offer an Executive MBA program in China.

The Chinese EMBA program is a global curriculum adapted to the Chinese context. 

Delivered in both English and Mandarin, our courses are taught by star faculty hailing from Europe, North America, and China. In the program, students can experience the most dynamic and innovative learning environment, absorb from classic and current contents, and gain insights into the emerging trends in China and World economy.

Program Highlights

  • Part-time study on weekends
  • Obtain FUS EMBA degree in 18-24 months
  • Credits awarded in both American and ECTS formats
  • Practical and international orientation
  • Courses delivered by the first-class faculty
  • More cost-effective compared to study abroad programs
  • Gain access to a global network of alumni

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