Giving Day is just around the corner, on April 24, 2024. This year, we are focusing on the Franklin Fund - our university's lifeblood. The fund is essential for the growth and sustainability of our institution. It helps us provide exceptional learning experiences, cutting-edge resources, and a vibrant growth environment for every student. With the Franklin Fund, we can quickly address emerging challenges and seize unexpected opportunities.

Your participation will empower us to deliver unparalleled education and prepare our students for global challenges. Join us in supporting the Franklin Fund, and make a real difference in the lives of students at Franklin University Switzerland.



The Franklin Fund plays a crucial role in the sustainability and expansion of Franklin. It is the backbone that supports the university's requirements and guarantees that every student can access exceptional learning experiences, state-of-the-art resources, and an active on-campus community. This fund offers us the chance to effectively address unforeseen obstacles, capitalize on unexpected occasions, and deliver exceptional education. 

Your Impact

By donating to the Franklin Fund, you play an integral role in our university's ongoing success. Your contributions significantly enhance student scholarships, faculty development, innovative research initiatives, and the overall campus experience. With every gift, you help forge a legacy of excellence that will resonate for generations.


The Power of Collective Support

The Franklin Fund serves as a catalyst in our mission to provide a unique liberal arts education. Your support directly affects the lives of our students, unlocking possibilities that define their experience at Franklin. It’s not just the size of the gifts that matters: every contribution, no matter how small, is critical. Your cumulative giving helps sustain a collective commitment to excellence, ensuring that we continue to offer transformative educational journeys.


We prepare our students to be responsible, compassionate, and collaborative leaders in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Join us in this mission. Let's invest together in the future of Franklin, where education is not just about learning, it’s about changing the world.