Major Requirements (51 Credits)

Required courses (or equivalent proficiency) (18 Credits)
FRE 100Introductory French, Part I
FRE 101Introductory French, Part II
FRE 200Intermediate French, Part I
FRE 201Intermediate French, Part II
FRE 300Advanced French, Part I
FRE 301Advanced French, Part II
Major Electives (12 Credits)

Four of the following:

FRE 302Advanced French Conversation
FRE 303French Translation
FRE 310Paris and the 19th Century
FRE 312Travel Writing: France and French-speaking Switzerland
FRE 320Writing the Self: French Autobiography and Autofiction
FRE 324From Beur to Post-Beur Literature: Exile, Margins, and Re-Territorialization
FRE 325Representation of the Shoah in French Literature and Cinema
FRE 350French Civilization
FRE 374Introduction to French Cinema
FRE 376French Cinema: The New Wave
FYS 399Academic Mentoring
Interdisciplinary Electives (15 Credits)

One semester abroad in the French-speaking world (9 credits towards the major plus 6 elective credits)

or the following two courses

LC 100The Stories We Live By
LC 110Reading Cultures: Approaches to Cultural Studies

and three from the following as selected with the academic advisor and Department Chair:

AHT 216Introduction to the History of Photography
AHT 234Painting in France in the 19th Century: Reality, Impressions, Simultaneity
AHT 338The City and Its Representation in the 20th Century
CLCS 200Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context
CLCS 247TFrench Cultural Institutions: Power and Representation
CLCS 300Masculinities in Literature and Film
CLCS 320Culture, Class, Cuisine
HIS 271History of Modern France
Senior Capstone Requirement (6 Credits)
FRE 497Senior Seminar in French Studies
FRE 499Thesis in French Studies

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.