COM 220T Symbolizing Scottish Folk: Nationalism, Tourism and Identification - Spring 2016. Photo: Abigail Simons.

Academic programs: Communication and Media Studies Major

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Understand complex human communication processes

Communication and media are central features of our lives. From navigating relationships, to crafting professions, to engaging in local and global issues, we are always using communication and media. Recent years have seen the proliferation of media forms, technologies and industries. Indeed, there has never been a better time to study communication and media. No matter what kind of work you do or what kind of life you live, understanding communication and media processes is fundamental to your health and wealth.


  • Satomi Sugiyama

  • Nello Barile

  • Alison Vogelaar


The Communication and Media Studies Program at Franklin focuses upon four key threads in communication and media studies:

  1. Media forms, practices, technologies and industries
  2. Empirical and critical media and communication research (with an emphasis on emerging and social media)
  3. Media uses and effects (individual, relational, cultural, and social)
  4. The relationship between media and global processes.

The major in Communication and Media Studies is particularly suited to students who are interested in pursuing media professions as well as for those who are interested in better understanding the role of communication and media in creating and maintaining well-functioning interpersonal relationships, organizations, and societies.

Communication and Media Studies Major Requirements