IS 100T The Making of an Eternal City: Rome. Photo by Alexander Paige

Academic programs: Italian Studies Major

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Immerse yourself in Italian language and culture

Due to the University’s unique location in the Italian-speaking world, the Italian Studies major at Franklin is designed, first and foremost, to cultivate students’ abilities to communicate, interact and critically engage with the local culture. To do this, students seeking a bachelor's degree in Italian Studies complete a three-year sequence of language courses, the principal goal of which is the acquisition of advanced competency in Italian speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.


  • Sara Giulivi

  • Fabio Ferrari


Once the students’ language-specific requirements are fulfilled, they are invited to explore a variety of topics in Italian culture, with an emphasis on Italian literature and film studies. Included in the menu of possible classes which count towards the fulfillment of a major in Italian Studies are courses dealing with topics in Communication, European History, Art History, Film Studies, and Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies. Prior to enrolling in a final, required Senior Seminar in Italian Studies, majors will be strongly encouraged to complete at least two Academic Travel courses to Italy.

Italian Studies Major Requirements