VCA 120T Documentary and Street Photography on Location: Munich and Prague. Photo by Gioia Chaouch.

Academic programs: Visual Communication Arts Major

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The Visual Communication Arts degree programs offer an interdisciplinary course of study, encompassing the fine arts, graphic design, illustration, and photography, as well as courses from Communication and Media Studies, Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, and film studies.  It focuses on communication and creativity as fundamental elements of human expression and encourages students to think critically about creative expressions within the context of and across cultures, ethnicities, race, and gender.


  • Clarice Zdanski

  • Gabriel Gee

  • Johanna Fassl


In the Visual Communication majors, students engage in the evolving field of fashion studies, exploring fashion as practice, theory, object, image, and text.  It focuses on studying fashion within the liberal arts curriculum, in terms of its histories, identities, and cultures in the contemporary world.  

The program prepares students for entry-level positions in careers of fashion re-search, including archives, museums, galleries, media, consulting, and the publishing sector; or retailing, distribution, and design.  Students may also choose to pursue design careers or advanced research of fashion towards an MA or PhD degree.

Visual Communication Arts Major Requirements