TVL 350 Norway: Sustainability and Innovation. Photo by Christina Lang.

TVL 350 Norway: Sustainability and Innovation. Photo by Christina Lang.

Academic programs: Social Justice and Sustainability Major

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The Social Justice and Sustainability (SJS) major builds on Franklin’s commitment to fostering a more just and sustainable world. A self-designed major, it aims to allow students to explore key topics, theories, skills and applications at the intersections of social justice and sustainability.

The SJS program has the explicit goal of helping the next generation of leaders, public servants, and private citizens to understand and navigate the key issues facing our world today. It provides students with interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities that link theoretical approaches to practical applications. This major helps students think across disciplines, through explorations of theories, concepts, case studies, and issues in Social Justice and Sustainability. The major is designed to develop skills in areas such as conflict resolution, advocacy, policy design, analysis and implementation, sustainable business plans, and sustainability design, assessment, and communication. The major integrates the practical application of theoretical knowledge and skills in the form of fieldwork, service, internships, and academic travels.


  • Caroline Wiedmer

  • Alison Vogelaar

  • Patrick Della Croce

  • Brack W. Hale


The major in Social Justice and Sustainability provides excellent preparation for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors.  Potential future careers include possibilities in local and international agencies; with advocacy groups for human rights, environmental justice, welfare, or sustainability; in community organizations, in development and aid organizations, in governmental institutions, in think tanks, and in consulting firms. Graduates could work as crisis mediators, policy analysts, conflict resolution specialists, journalists, media producers, organizers or lobbyists. Depending on the focus chosen, this major is also an excellent choice for students considering graduate studies in the social sciences, the humanities, economics, environmental studies, and law, as well as further study related to social, political, and economic equality.

Social Justice and Sustainability Major Requirements