Major Requirements (54 Credits)

Foundation Courses (15 Credits)
POL 100Introduction to Political Science
POL 101Introduction to International Relations
ECN 100Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN 101Principles of Microeconomics
MAT 200Calculus
Required Courses (24 Credits)
POL 300Comparative Politics
POL 302Political Philosophy
POL 321International Organization
POL 377International Political Economy
ECN 256Managerial Economics (Intermediate Microeconomics)
ECN 303Development Economics
ECN 341International Trade
ECN 355Political Economy: Theories and Issues
Capstone Requirement (6 Credits)
POL 497Readings and Methods in Political Science and International Relations
POL 499Senior Thesis
Interdisciplinary Electives (9 Credits)

Three of the following:

BUS 353Strategic Management Theory
BUS 410Organizational Behavior and Leadership
BUS 426International Financial Management
COM 301Globalization and Media
ECN 204History of Economic Thought
MAT 201Introduction to Statistics

or any 200-/300- level POL course

The department strongly recommends that IR-PE majors take a POL and/or ECN Academic Travel course.

*All Bachelor of Arts degrees require a total of 120 credits consisting of Core Requirements, Major Requirements, and General Elective courses. Prerequisites may be required for courses outside of the major.