Alison Vogelaar

Alison Vogelaar

Associate Professor, Communication and Media Studies

Ph.D. University of Colorado
M.A. San Diego State University
B.A. Colorado State University

Office: Villa, North Campus, Loft
Phone: +41 91 986 36 38
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Alison E. Vogelaar, in addition to her role as Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies is also a member of the Center for Sustainability Initiatives. Vogelaar received a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Colorado-Boulder where she also completed a certification program in the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research. As a faculty member in the Communication and Media Studies program she teaches courses that explore the relationship between media, communication and power. She regularly teaches a course cross-listed in the Environmental Studies program called Environmental Discourses as well as a First Year Seminar, Globalization, Media, and Movements and an Academic Travel course, Symbolizing Scottish Folk.  Her research interests include environmental and ecological discourses, advocacy and activism, maker movements and spaces, and sustainability in higher education. Her recent publications include two pieces that alternately explore the functions of place in the OWS movement as well as an article that examines the ecological 'controversy' and discourses surrounding 'invasive species'. She presently is working on two edited volumes: one that surveys the diverse genres and approaches to 'environmental collapse' in popular, political and academic texts and another that explores the changing representations of nature and the city in the context of contemporary global transformations.

2020-2021 Courses:

COM 301Globalization and MediaSPRING 2021


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Work in Progress:

Vogelaar, A. E. and Hale, B. W. (under review). Eco-Migrants: The Rhetoric of Invasion Ecology and the Management of "Novel Ecosystems".

Vogelaar, A. E. and Hale, B. W. (Edited volume). Imagining the Fall: The Discourse of Environmental Collapse.